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Alex Whitmore: News

Installment 4 Kaitaia - April 13, 2006

The last two days have been days off and we have done some really fun touristy things. We took a boat ride out to Hole in the rock. It is an island that actually has a hole not only through it but deep enough to take a rather large cruise boat through it. It was breathtakingly beautiful complete with large fish and plenty of dolphins jumping around the ship.
Today we went on a tour up to the very North tip of the country and returned by way of 90 mile beach. Visualize Datona beach when it was first discovered by the Spaniards (absolutely no development) and then make it twice as wide and more flat and then be able to drive down it at 90 miles an hour....pretty impressive.
Tonight we are being treated to a BBQ by the local Country Club...should be fun. Tomorrow we have a show here and a radio spot...we are really having a great time...

Installment 3 Whangerie pronounced "Faneray" - April 12, 2006

Probably the only down side on this tour is the lack of access to the internet. It is not very common to find "wifi" here. We have been able to log on a few times through the goodness of the folks we have stayed with. The shows are going great, but photos will probably have to wait until we can get high speed access next week when we are back in Auckland. Whats most impressive about this country is the unspoiled look of the land. Almost eveything we have seen has been breathtaking. I've been surprised at how mild the weather has been for their "october." We haven't had to have a jacket yet during the day.
The shows have been fun. People here in the outlying smaller towns don't get to see live music as a when they do, it is a big deal. Our friend who is driving us has a tour business and we are riding in the tour bus...I'm talking tourist tour...Its been awesome...we haven't missed any point of interest, but we had to put our foot down yesterday in order to get to the gig in time to set up. You can look for major updates after Easter Sunday when we get back to high speed access. Until then......

Installment 2 Wellsford - April 10, 2006

Well, after our second day and third gig I can say I'm ready to move here. The people are the best! The shows are thrilling for us. Most people out here just don't have any access to live music other than the local Karyoke at the RSAs. They are just so engaging and have a wonderful sense of humor...fertile ground for me. I can see why the movie companies spend enormous amounts of money to come here to film. When skys are clear it is unbelievable, when it rains, there are the most beautiful far we have been treated to one each day....more tomorrow

New Zealand Blog Installment one. - April 9, 2006

Well things are going pretty well for us. The flight to LA and then on to Auckland went smoothly and we got a little sleep on the plane (12 hours in the air from LA to NZ) Fortunately, the load was light and we had room to stretch out. We arrived here on Saturday morning with Peter Shaw and Robert Dew to meet us. Peter is the driving force that made this trip happen for us and Robert is the tour director....literaly. Robert has a tour company that hires out to visitors to New Zealand in his 10 passenger van. He takes them to all the sights. Both men are very commited to the music and doing this for us out of the goodness of their hearts. All the people we have met so far has been awesome.
Saturday we spent driving around Auckland and practicing with our artist companion and headliner Charley Groth. Our first show was Sunday the 9th in the afternoon at a local community center. It was a real sit down concert and it went suprisingly well concidering the jet lag and the minimal rehearsal. We went from there to our evening gig at the local RSA (equivalent to our VFWs) It wasn't exactly a concert, but the people there really enjoyed the show.
I'm totally impressed with this place. It reminds me of the pacific northwest with frequent showers followed by periods of bright sunlight. Everything is super green and the trees are very large and stately.
Today we start traveling North from Auckland and will be gone a week doing shows North of here. Our show tonight is sold out....a concept that is new to my music experience.
I brought the software to install in the local computer, but so far we haven't been able to upload any photos. I hope to remedy that soon.....stay tuned, Alex
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