How to Listen on the internet

With upcoming and continuing shows scheduled on the net I thought I would give a little info to make sure you can listen. When you click on the link on the calendar page it will take you to a "shoutcast" page for that internet station. If the page loads and says that the "server" is up, then click on "listen" at the top on the menu. At this point if you have a player with "shoutcast" enabled on the preferences it will launch the player and begin to play. If you get your standard box that asks do you want to "open" or "download" click "open" if you have a player capable of playing the show it will launch. If you get an error or can't launch a player then you need to download one. Players I recommend are available free from,, and many others. Go there and download a player...if not for me you will need it eventually. When the player installs it may give you a chance to enable "shoutcast" if so check it. If you have any problems getting a player or knowing what to do with it I will be glad to help. Please email me through the contact page on this web site. Thanks, Alex

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