For those of you outside of Texas it has been a tough summer here. Lakes are down 20 feet. We finally got enough rain this weekend to make the grass turn green but still a long way from filling the reservoirs. You may note on my calendar I have published shows I'm doing on the internet. The internet is finally living up to its potential. The show from "the Songster" on the 17th is a live show with an audience that will be broadcast live on the internet and also into a program called Second Life. In all I may have about 70 listeners. The following two nights 18 and 19 are also scheduled for live performances. The internet seems to offer me and my music a lot more exposure than I am getting playing in local clubs. You can listen with your Windows media player, but most people use a dedicated mp3 player such as "Music Match" from musicmatch.com. Many other players will work, but music match seems to always work. Another thing that has made the idea of listening live on the internet a reality is the proliferation of broadband connections. This and improved speakers for computers has made the quality of the sound worth listening to. You will have three nights this month to check it out. I hope to see you on the counter.

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