Second Life

Well these posts are arranged from newest to oldest, but you really should read the next post to get the background for this one. The latest thing amongst the independent artists is a virtual world called "Second Life" It is a place on the net that you interact as you would with your game figure in real time with others. Unlike some other chat services, there is a visual world you can interact with. The really cool thing is that artists can come in the different "sims" simulated rooms complete with stages and lighting and perform live with a high quality stream of music into the room from their own home. It may sound bizarre but once you have experienced it, it is really fun. The audiences are made up of just about every kind of listener. I've been playing there about once a week for a couple of months and have developed a good following. The software is available no charge from but it is not for the computer faint of heart. It requires a Pentium 4 or better processor, lots of ram and a high speed connection. Finally the internet is living up to its promise of interacting directly with the fans and performing live with high quality sound. Look for a photo of my Second Life "avitar" Capos Calderwood coming soon.

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