From the recording Alien Spaceship


Fly me an Alien Spaceship

Well I shut down every bar in town, just lookin for a place to drink
And I was drivin around out on the edge of town when my eyes they began to blink
As I looked in fear in my rearview mirror at the bright lights a flashin back there
I’m thinkin DUI and walk the white line but then I saw a someting that made me stare

There were little green men, they had a goofy lookin grin and they were drinkin and actin’ insaine
And when they beemed me up from my pickup truck well I know that they were feelin no pain
They had an alien brew, was kinda foamy and blue, they said come on son and take a swig
Well I saw stars, I said I’m through with fast cars, I want to learn how to fly this rig

Ch: I’m gonna fly this alien spaceship I’m gonna head out amongst the stars
First we’ll shoot for the moon then we’ll put her in zoom we’ll go sailin right past Mars
We’ll do the traffic pattern of Jupiter and Saturn we’ll be lookin for some honky-tonk bars
I’m gonna fly this alien spaceship, and I won’t stop till I see stars

Br: Well I was feelin smarter when I figured how to start ‘er
And she roared to life with a groan
Well I grabbed a blue bottle then I gave ‘er full throttle
We headin’ for parts unknown

We did some loops and rolls and we flew pretty close to an astroid, well we barely missed
And those little green men were getting greener by the minute and the little green women looked pissed
Well I thought they all would vomit when I dusted of the comet but I straightened out just in time
I found a seven eleven just the other side of heaven and we bought another bottle of wine


Br: Well I was actin’ crazy and my memory’s kind of hazy
But I think I really had some fun
And my friends they won’t believe me and some’l probably tease me
When I tell ‘em just what I done

Well I came to about the crack of noon and my head was heartin from the drunk
I was feelin some pride about that alien ride but I was still sittin in my truck
Well my roof was krinkled and my hood was kind of wrinkled and one wheel was out of whack
But if she’ll still run I’ll be havin some fun when I drink enough to take me back