March 2020 update 

So it has been a while since I have updated.  Marti and I continue to perform at the Starlight Theatre a couple of times a month plus I also play on Second Life under "Capos Calderwood" about 4 times a month.  I'm still writing occasionally and continue to work on my guitar skills.

Lazy Summer 

It is summer again and Marti and I will be traveling a bunch.  I continue to do my live shows online in Second Life plus gigs at the Starlight here in Terlingua.  Marti is becoming more and more a part of our show.


Last week I had the honor to share the stage with Butch Hancock and Chet O'keefe in an intimate acoustic song swap.  It was well attended and probably my favorite gig of late.   Looking into spring, I have quite a few online shows coming up on Second Life and a couple of real life shows with my wife Marti.  This summer watch for tour dates coming soon.

March 2016 

Spring has sprung in Terlingua.  Everyone is gearing up for spring break which starts next week.  Marti and I are working on new songs and are looking forward to travel this month to do a show out of town.

Terlingua 2015 

We have been keeping our shows close to home the last 3 years because we were trying to sell our house in Denton Texas.  It is finally sold and now we are free to move about the country and do more shows.  Contact us if you are interested in hosting a home concert or you have a venue that you think would be good for our music.

Terlingua musings 

Well I can't believe it has been so long since I updated.  The music is still going along great.  We are full time residents of Terlingua now plus we also have a place in the Texas Hill Country near Marble Falls.  This place allows us to be close to our daughters Eleanor and Bonnie who perform and live in Austin.

We are regulars every other Wednesday at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua plus we play about once a month at the Boat House in Terlingua.  We are exploring places to play in the Hill Country.

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Marti and I have been improving our duo act this year.  We perform every Wednesday at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua Tx from September through April.  I have been writing again with 3 new songs in  as many months.  We continue to look for opportunities to perform together.

I'm still doing my solo one hour live shows each week in the virtual world of Second Life.  The shows are posted on the web site with a link to a shoutcast page where you can listen without being in Second Life.

Whitmores still at it 

It has been a good year for music. Both my songwriter daughters are doing well. Marti and I continue to play as a duo. We made two trips back to Terlingua this summer to play the Starlight burger night. We just returned from a short house concert tour to Ohio and Florida. We had great audiences and cd sales went well. We are looking forward to this fall when we start our weekly Starlight Wednesday night shows. I continue to do my Second Life shows which should be picking up next month.

New Video Posted 

I finally got to combine my passions for video, music and flying in my new video shot from my piper cub near Terlingua Texas.

Desert is calling 

It is time to be back in Terlingua for the season. We started our regular Wednesday night show last night at the Starlight. We are looking forward to another fun season. Come on down and check out this beautiful country.