The Breastman Video
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Woodcreek Concert Live Video

“Most artists that play at the Bunker have a few well written songs but I didn’t hear one song from Alex tonight that didn’t fall into that category….he puts this smile on my face.”” - Roger Giles

— Devonport Folk Club at "The Bunker"

“Alex Whitmore has a lyrical and instrumental style that I’ve admired for many years. When it comes to inventive fingerpicking and alternate tuning, he's the one I watch to keep me musically motivated.” - Terri Hendrix
Alex Whitmore has more real humor and imagination in his music than a bar full of those yeehah chorus singer-songwriters. His subjects range from chiggers to lonely nights in the rain, and his guitar playing is excellent.” - Tom Gettie

— Buddy Magizine

Alex Whitmore Bar Farcist II by Miss Lana If you are familiar with Alex Whitmore, you know he can pen a funny song, and then some. Bar Farcist II is his second CD to confirm this fact, and if you're looking for a fun CD that will make you smile and laugh, then this is the one...I guarantee it. The Breastman", written by Alex, is one of the best songs (and most risqué) on the CD. It is so cleverly written that you get completely lost in the lyrics and it wouldn't matter what kind of music accompanied the story. But the music is as important as the words because without it, you would not have a "song". This is a song you have to hear to appreciate how well crafted and amusing it really is. This CD is absolutely one of the funniest CD's you'll hear in 2006. As most of the funny men of Texas music have an established signature style of their own, so does Alex Whitmore. He is original, unique and extremely funny. His musical talent encompasses song writing, beautifully played instruments and an unmistakable twang that is Alex Whitmore. Enjoy a laugh or two with The Bar Farcist II and tell 'em Miss :Lana sent you. Happy Trails, Miss Lana Written by Lana Hughes, February, 2006” - Lana Hughes