1. Apache Wind

From the recording Apache Wind


Apache Wind
Words and Music by Alex Whitmore
©2001 twocapos music

Riding the trail with my old friend Jack
We made our camp about 2 miles back of
Horse Shoe Mesa on the Rio Grande
He told me all the storys about his grandpa and his land

With a cold wind blowing in the grey moonlight
He spoke of the wars between Apache and the White man
He kicked the coals of a dying fire
The wind would catch the sparks and take them higher than the stars

ch Apache wind you’re blowing cold tonight
Apache wind vengence might be your right
But I don’t think you’ll ever be my friend
You cold Apache wind

Jack’s grandpa was a fighter, from a slowly dying breed
He fought hard to protect his land one night he did succeed
He was ambushed by a scouting party just around this bend
But a dust storm helped him slip away thanks to the Apache wind


My brother he’s a rancher, my daddy’s passed away,
My uncle fought to keep this ranch and put the winds at bay
Jack’s grandpa was Apache...cursed my family to the end
And now me Jack we’ve got to sleep tonight, with this cold Apache wind