From the recording Daddy Let me Drive


Daddy Let me Drive
©2005 two capos music
Words and Music by Alex Whitmore and Dale Marsh

Ch: Daddy let me drive, let me take the wheel
I can sit there on your lap and you can let me steer
You can work the peddles and I’ll have a better view
Daddy let me drive I want to drive like you

I’ll drive you to the liquor store where you can buy your beer
You don’t have to worry dad, you can drink it while I steer
I’ll drive you for your cigarettes down at the Get and Go
Then over to that lady’s house that momma doesn’t know


Br: I’ll drive you to the deer stand, we’ve been feeding them for months
There’s bound to be a bunch of them it’ll be and easy hunt
But if you miss your mark dad, we’ll still get one or two
Just watch me run ‘em down dad, I want to drive like you

2nd Br: We’ll pass cars on the shoulder, pass ‘em on the hill
Watch ‘em shootin’ the finger dad that’s always such a thrill
Weaving in and out of traffic keep your lead foot off those brakes
Just watch me get in front of them no matter what it takes
We’ll have the cops all chasing us before the day is through
Daddy let me drive, I want to drive like you

Well now I’m all grown up, my son is almost five
Gonna take him out this Sunday, and teach him how to drive
He can steer my truck, and I can work the clutch
I’ll teach him to say “up yours buddy” and spit and chew and cuss
We’ll have ourselves a big time, but he won’t have a clue
He’ll say daddy let me drive, I want to drive like you