1. Me and Max

From the recording Me and Max


Me and Max
By Alex Whitmore

Me and Max by the railroad tracks we put a penny on the rail
Waitin for a freight train to come back and mash that penny all to hell
Mash that penny all to hell
Grandpaw said I could go to jail for defacing a coin
Max just laughed said “that’s a bunch of crap” he’s just trying to get you goin’
Man he’s got you goin’

Now two bored kids in a one horse town all summer with nothing to do
If momma hadn’t taken my BB gun we could find something to shoot
Yeah we’d find us something to shoot
Max caught a grasshopper ripped off his head put a flower in its place
We watched him hop around ‘til he was dead, momma said “you boys are so depraved”
Look momma, he’s got a dandelion for a face

Well doodle bug doodle bug where did you go?
Kickin’ up sand from the bottom of your hole
‘Get me a stick gonna give you a rout
But you just hide and you don’t come out
You just hide

Ready or not here I come, one for all and all for one

Now cards and clothes pins they make that noise in the spokes like a Harley Davidson
I tell max when we grow up I’m gonna get me one
Now most of my friends have already bought and sold one