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Alex Whitmore: News

Lazy Summer - June 19, 2018

It is summer again and Marti and I will be traveling a bunch.  I continue to do my live shows online in Second Life plus gigs at the Starlight here in Terlingua.  Marti is becoming more and more a part of our show.

updates - March 1, 2017

Last week I had the honor to share the stage with Butch Hancock and Chet O'keefe in an intimate acoustic song swap.  It was well attended and probably my favorite gig of late.   Looking into spring, I have quite a few online shows coming up on Second Life and a couple of real life shows with my wife Marti.  This summer watch for tour dates coming soon.

March 2016 - March 1, 2016

Spring has sprung in Terlingua.  Everyone is gearing up for spring break which starts next week.  Marti and I are working on new songs and are looking forward to travel this month to do a show out of town.

Terlingua 2015 - November 13, 2015

We have been keeping our shows close to home the last 3 years because we were trying to sell our house in Denton Texas.  It is finally sold and now we are free to move about the country and do more shows.  Contact us if you are interested in hosting a home concert or you have a venue that you think would be good for our music.

Terlingua musings - March 20, 2015

Well I can't believe it has been so long since I updated.  The music is still going along great.  We are full time residents of Terlingua now plus we also have a place in the Texas Hill Country near Marble Falls.  This place allows us to be close to our daughters Eleanor and Bonnie who perform and live in Austin.

We are regulars every other Wednesday at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua plus we play about once a month at the Boat House in Terlingua.  We are exploring places to play in the Hill Country.

I'm still doing shows on Second Life on the first and third Thursdays each month at 7 pm Central.  The shows are streamed live for an hour and can be heard here at the appropriate date and time.

We are looking for dates this summer near/in Wisconsin or anywhere else the music takes us.  Please take time to listen to some of the music and enjoy your visit

Updates - July 20, 2013

Marti and I have been improving our duo act this year.  We perform every Wednesday at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua Tx from September through April.  I have been writing again with 3 new songs in  as many months.  We continue to look for opportunities to perform together.

I'm still doing my solo one hour live shows each week in the virtual world of Second Life.  The shows are posted on the web site with a link to a shoutcast page where you can listen without being in Second Life.

Whitmores still at it - August 18, 2012

It has been a good year for music. Both my songwriter daughters are doing well. Marti and I continue to play as a duo. We made two trips back to Terlingua this summer to play the Starlight burger night. We just returned from a short house concert tour to Ohio and Florida. We had great audiences and cd sales went well. We are looking forward to this fall when we start our weekly Starlight Wednesday night shows. I continue to do my Second Life shows which should be picking up next month.

New Video Posted - December 17, 2011

I finally got to combine my passions for video, music and flying in my new video shot from my piper cub near Terlingua Texas.

Desert is calling - September 22, 2011

It is time to be back in Terlingua for the season. We started our regular Wednesday night show last night at the Starlight. We are looking forward to another fun season. Come on down and check out this beautiful country.

In the air again - August 15, 2011

This message finds us in Port Clinton Oh. We came to do a concert and a private party for friends. We have spent a lovely weekend and got to see my guitar hero Alex Bevan yesterday. Tomorrow we fly to Turner's Falls Ma to meet one of my Second Live friends then on to Maine. We will be missing this cooler weather when we get back to Texas next week.

Time for an update - May 28, 2011

Ok, it has been a while since I updated my journal, but we have been busy.  We are in the process of selling our house in North Texas and setting up permanent  residence in Terlingua Tx.  I've been busy with my music too. I'm still playing a couple of nights a week in Second Life and we have had a regular weekly show at the Starlight in Terlingua this past season.  I'm presently booking concerts starting this summer into the fall of this year.  My wife Marti and I have begun to play more as a duo and have dusted off some of our cover songs that we have performed over the years.  It seems to be working well for our shows that we do that are not totally songwriter oriented. Please contact me if you are interested in booking me.  We travel a lot and most probably will be in a town near you.

Looking towards 2010 - November 20, 2009

Ok, things have been busy. If you have kept up with my calendar you know I have been doing my Second Life shows regularly. This time of year we begin spending a lot of time at our place in Terlingua Texas. Last month was the Al Barlow Music Campout. We had friends from Florida and friends from California come and spend a week with us here. We also spent a long weekend at home in Denton attending a Second Life jam in Addison Texas.

I'm working on a gig just before Christmas with both of my girls and of course mom and son in law. It promises to be a good one.

We will be back in Terlingua after Christmas and I will be playing my annual gig at La Kiva on January 1st.

If you haven't heard one of my live shows on Second Life I would like to invite you to tune in any night you see posted on my calendar. Just click on the venue and you should get a shoutcast page where you can listen in.

Second Life Convention - August 20, 2009

I just returned from a long weekend in San Francisco at the Second Life Convention. It was a blast and a chance to see my SL friends and network. I came back with new knowledge of how I can improve my promotion and the attendees got to see me perform live and in person on the music showcase stage.

Soon I will begin doing live video broadcasts frequently with video feeds to Second Life and also available to view on the net through a web site called To watch you have to have a login so if you are inclined, go to and pick a login so you will be ready.

July 2009 - July 16, 2009

We just returned from a vacation road trip. Below are links to read my weekly blogs and view video youtube yellowstone video youtube road trip 2 youtube road trip 3 youtube road trip 4

Welcome 2009 - January 2, 2009

Wow how time flys. I can't believe that I haven't updated this page since last April. When my 31 year old daughter writes a song about how time gets away from you, it is time to reflect.
2008 was a pretty good year for me. I had a couple of high profile gigs and a ton of live shows on Second Life. Second Life continues to provide me with a loyal audience and an avenue to get my music out in cd sales and music downloads.
I look forward to and expect to book more regional shows in the DFW, Houston, and hill country areas. I try to keep my calendar up to date so check it often. Even if you are not a Second Life participant, you can still listen in on the music stream at the appointed time.

Rainbow Ranch Kids - April 17, 2008

When I was in New Zealand both times I played at the local theater in Marton. Marton is a small town of about 3 thousand and they have their own radio station that plays my music. My daughter Bonnie accompanied me on the first tour. Our opener was a group of local kids coached by my friend and producer of the show Anne George. Well they have come a long way and now have been invited to the USA to perform in a festival. I've pledged a large sum to help them. Please watch this video and see if you might want to help.

March 2008 - March 30, 2008

I neglected to mention the performance of a lifetime in my last blog. I got a chance to play with my girls, Bonnie, Eleanor and a cameo from mother Marti at the most coveted hill country venue in Texas Gruene Hall. We opened for Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis for their Christmas show back in December. Check out the photo on the photo page.
Second Life continues to provide the networking I need to book shows around the country. I'm traveling to Key West Fla at the end of April to participate in a songwriter festival there courtisy of a second life friend.

Getting Going in 2008 - January 20, 2008

Well it has been a while since my last update. Things keep progressing with my music. I have written some new songs and am still very much involved with performances in the virtual world of Second Life.
I'm still looking for home concerts around the country. If you could provide a livingroom and a few guests, let me know, I might just be able to work it in to my schedule.
I bought a digital looper that allows me to record during my songs and playback at the rhythm track to my leads. It has taken a lot of practice but I'm starting to master it. Try tuning in to one of my Second Life shows sometime soon. They are posted on the calendar page of the web site.

New Video available - July 28, 2007

I just posted a live video of the Cadillac song on youtube. You can find it here Don't forget to check out the breastman video too and please rate and comment on them

New CD available - July 27, 2007

I've just finished putting together a 2 cd set of a concert I performed on June 29th of last month. I dediced to leave it as was recorded...warts and all. It is the complete performance with no edits or breaks except of course between Set 1 and Set 2. I'm pretty proud of it. It was a great audience and a good performance from me for the most part. It is available now directly from me and will be next month on CD Baby.

Second Life (updated april 20) - January 30, 2007

If you have had a look at my performing calendar lately you will realize that a high percentage of my performances are on the internet these days....particularly on Second Life. When I start talking about it to my friends, my daughters get this smirk on their face and their eyes roll back in their heads. I guess until you experience it first hand, it is hard to grasp the scale and the entertainment value of it. Most of my musician friends don't get it either. "How much money can you make there?" is kind of the standard question. Well I do make Linden dollas (their currency) and it is convertable to real dollars, but by normal standards of pay for music it is pretty minimal. So what is Second Life anyway? It is a 3D virtual world where you can exist in your second life as a life like figure called an "Avitar." I won't go into the extensiveness of the place, but just say it is unimagined by most people. Quite simply, I'm just there to play music for the aviatars (and their owners) and every time I play I am playing to much larger crowds of listeners than I do at my "real life" gigs. Hey, I haven't quit booking those at all, but I quit booking the bar gigs where most of the time no one ever listens to my songs. In Second Life I am performing to a "listening" audience. I know, because I'm selling and delivering my mp3 tracks on the spot at my shows. And my cd sales are better than when I was doing bar gigs in the past. It is getting my music out there a lot faster. You do not have to be in Second Life to listen to the shows. They are streamed in high quality sound to a shoutcast site first and then beamed into the club in Second Life where I play. When you go to my calendar, if you click on the club link, it will take you to that Shoutcast page. From there if the stream is online, you just click on "listen" and it should launch your music player and off you go. Remember when ebay first came on the scene? It just seemed like a novelty....well look at it now. Second Life is well on it's way to becoming that kind of scale. I plan to be there as an established performer....well I already am, but you can be a mover and a shaker quicker when you are on the ground floor of an emerging new world. Check out and read some of the news articles that have been written about it. Stop in at one of my live shows sometime either on the net or in Second Life....

Happy New Year - January 20, 2007

Well my internet activity is going strong with a new weekly gig on Second Life at 9 pm Central time on Tuesday each week. These podcasts are piped into the program on Second Life, but anyone with sound on their computer should be able to tune in and listen. Just go to my calendar page at the appointed venue time and click on the venue name. This will take you usually to a "shoutcast" page. If the music stream is up and going it should indicate that on the page. Just click on "listen" and it should launch your music player and start playing. If the stream is down, check back in a few mins. Sometimes it takes a while to get things going. These podcasts have resulted in lots more exposure around the world. It appears that my music downloads have increased and my cd sales also. If you are having trouble or would like more information on "Second Life", email me and I will help you solve the problem. I have become quite and expert on it. Tune in sometime.

Blenheim and Christchurch - December 3, 2006

What an awesome finish to a pefect tour. I played totally acoustic to the Blenheim folk club on Friday night. It was very intimate and fun. I think that was the largest audience I've played to without a PA. None was really needed. The people were attentive and they even laughed at my jokes.
Christchurch was a fitting finish for the tour. My hosts Vicky and John were wonderful and put on a listing venue to die for. I will be back here and I'll start planning it as soon as I get home. I just have a few tasks to tidy up before I return to Texas tomorrow. See ya back in Texas

The Mussel Inn - November 29, 2006

Monday I left the North Island on the ferry. The South island is just a visual overload. There are so many beautiful coastlines, mountains and rivers I can't begin to describe it. I will set up a web page for photos when I get home and post lots of photos. After driving around for 3 days I played my first gig on the South Island at the Mussel Inn What a great place. As restaurant/bars go I've been in many, but this one is unique in the world. If you are ever on the South Island this place is a must.

The Ceilidh - November 25, 2006

We spent last night with our musician friends Tom and Chris. They took us to their gig at a local hall which was a Scotish Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-Lee) It was really fun. Tom and Chris are brilliant and put on a great show. Every dance was a different dance simular to square dancing in the US. They forced us to participate and look goofy on the dance floor, but I must admit...we weren't the only ones. It was great fun and I look forward to doing it again sometime. I put Marti on a plane back home today and I will be on the ferry to the South Island tomorrow.....
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